Why should I give to the United Way Community Impact Fund and not directly to an individual charity?

Three main reasons:

  1. 100% of your donation stays local to help Ward County and surrounding areas individuals and families

  2. Programs are vetted and dollars are allocated according to community goals and needs

  3. Your dollars are combined with everyone else’s dollars to make a greater impact

If your company matches you, you get even more bang for the buck! When we all give together, United Way funded programs can get much bigger checks— and make a much bigger difference.


No one agency can do it all. A family in need may be turning to several programs for support. Giving to United Way’s Community Impact Fund allows you to give to a comprehensive network of vetted programs and agencies all at once, stretching your dollars even further.


All United Way donations are raised by our community for our community, and its local community members who determine how the resulting dollars are invested in our community.


Did you know? You can be part of the process on all levels! Want to help decide how donated dollars are spent? Volunteer for our Community Impact Panel. You’ll hear from every program that is requesting funding and make some really tough but rewarding decisions about where community dollars are most needed and how they should be spent.