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Join Souris Valley United Way on Friday, November 8th to celebrate LIVE UNITED DAY! United Way is a community of donors, partners, advocates, and volunteers who together are able to take on problems such as hunger and homelessnes. Together, we are able to make a difference in our community!

Don’t just wear the shirt…LIVE IT! Show our community how to LIVE UNITED by doing a RANDOM ACT OF KINDNESS for ONE other person in your workplace, neighborhood, school, family, group of friends, or community. 
Friday, November 8th participate in #Rakminot and capture it! Take videos and pictures of you or someone you know doing good for another in our community or share your experience. Be sure to share it on social media with the hashtag #minotliveunited #RAKminot so we can see all the good that is being done around our community.
To purchase your T-Shirts you can mail a check or click the link at the bottom of the page to pay via credit card. Deadline for orders is October 8th!  

When you complete a #rakminot leave the next person with this card: #RAKminot cards
So you're thinking what are somethings you could do? Here you go!
Ideas in your workplace
• Write a note of appreciation to a coworker
• Surprise a co-worker with a coffee or treat
• Take a new employee to lunch
• Bring in breakfast for your team
• Set up a Random ACTS OF KINDNESS bulletin board for people to post their stories.
• Introduce yourself to someone new.
• Tape a note & coins to the vending machine
• Email a funny meme or joke
• Tell someone how much they rock 
Ideas for Families & Kids
• Buy a coffee, gas or someone's lunch
•  Get extra supplies for your teacher at a school
• Mail a family member a card
• Hold the door open for people
• Tape new bags of microwave popcorn to a Redbox rental machine.
• Draw a family member a picture
• Leave your neighbor a nice note
• Write a thank you card to law enforcement firefighters, a teacher, janitor or librarian
• Give hugs to people you care about
• Write a note to your mail carrier                                                                                         
Participating Businesses: 


Town and Country Credit Union



Ward County HR

Dacotah Bank 

Lewis and Clark Elementary


First International Bank & Trust