2014 LIVE UNITED T-Shirt Day

2014 LIVE UNITED T-Shirt Day is Coming!

Join the thousands across the state of North Dakota in wearing their LIVE UNITED T-Shirts on Friday, November 14th! Each community is encouraged to join the white out by wearing their LIVE UNITED T-Shirts for this day to show their community support.
Last year more than 120 T-Shirts were bought for this day and over 10 local businesses showed their support with their employees. This year the T-shirt orders and business’s doubled! We are looking at 320 individuals wearing shirts in their workplace! Not to mention the numerous community members that already have a shirt! So if you have a LIVE UNITED t-shirt please wear it and show your community support! If you don’t have one that’s okay! We have one for you, but hurry supplies are limited! Buy your $10 T-shirts today!
Encourage your friends, family, and coworkers to join in on the 2nd Annual Statewide White out! We are excited to see your support and community pride, so take a picture and post it on our Facebook page! 

If you do, use the tag #MinotLiveUnited #WhiteoutND 

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