Take a walk though Community Action

Souris Valley United way helps fund The Community Actions supplemental food program that supplies bi-monthly food baskets to vulnerable seniors in our community. Next month it will be increasing to 250 baskets! That’s 35 more seniors in need then this month. Missy, from Community Action, did great training in the volunteers. It was great seeing the volunteers give 5+ hours of their day to help make a difference. When asking one of the volunteers what they thought about this program they said, "I'm glad they are getting the food needed to live a better life. I just know that could be me someday and I think volunteering will give me good Karma when I’m in their shoes." What a great way to remember that ‘YOU’ can make change, right here, right now that will be pasted on through generations to come.


BE The Change. Donate to OUR community!


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