what it means to have a "bad day."

After having a particularly hard day, a local fourth grade teacher, wearily mumbled under her breath, "I'm so happy it's Friday." A little boy sitting a few steps away heard her and enthusiastically said that he, too, was happy it was Friday. Thinking that he had a movie, birthday party to go to or was going somewhere fun with family, the teacher asked him why he was so excited. 
The boy looked at her with his big eyes all full of excitement and said, "I LOVE Fridays because I get to take a bag full of food home this weekend, so I have meals and snacks."
The teacher told us about how she caught her breath and how tears formed in her eyes. How in one, joy-filled sentence, this boy changed her whole outlook on what it means to have a "bad day." How joy is everywhere, including in a simple gift that ensures that your family will have food to eat over the weekend. 
This success story is yours.  
1 in 5 local children are at risk of going hungry over the weekend. Some may say, "What.. IN MINOT? This can't be true!" Our answer is a sad yes. Yes, this is happening in our community, to which many are unaware of. It's hard to believe and that is why we ask you to spread the word on this issue, and to help. Let's band together to feed the bellies of these young minds, so they can concentrate on their school work and not if they will get a meal that day. 
To sponsor a child for a weekend of meals is only $10. Or you can support them through the school year for $360. 
Our SVUW Campaign ends January 31st. Our Fall Campaign ends January 31st. Be the one to help us meet the community need of $657,000. Backpack Buddies alone cost over $72,000 to support 200 children for each school year and that isn't even half of the children needing the program in their schools.
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