Wheels for Work

Wheels for Work Banner (Story County Picture)

Minot Automotive Company partners with Souris Valley United Way* to bring Wheels For Work to Minot. Minot Automotive accepts donated vehicles into the program to be given a safety inspection and repaired to donate to a family needing a vehicle. Giving a family a car makes child care, school, jobs, groceries, and medical appointments easily accessible – things that are so easily taken advantage of by those who have never had to be without a vehicle.

Donate a Vehicle

For more information about making a tax-deductible donation of your vehicle to the program, Hans or Levi at Minot Automotive Company at (701) 401-1795. They will guide you through the process and ensure your donation is handled.


Receive a Vehicle

To apply to receive a vehicle, the applicant must meet all of the following qualifications:


  • Live in the Minot Area
  • Have a child 18 or under and/or a child in K-12 school living in your home
  • Under 150% of poverty (guidelines can be found here)
  • Have the ability to budget for vehicle maintenance, fuel, and car insurance
  • Employed or full-time student
  • Have a valid North Dakota driver’s license
  • In the last two years, do not have an DUI, conviction of driving with a suspended or revoked license, conviction of failure to restrain a child, or conviction of more than 2 moving violations. (Felony crimes of a violent, sexual, or drug-related nature and dates of conviction must be noted on the application as well.)
  • Household does not own a running vehicle (In order to receive a vehicle from the Wheels for Work program, you cannot have any vehicles in your home. Any parked cars will need to be junked/sold and a receipt shown to staff.)
  • Have not received a vehicle from Wheels for Work before



*Although Souris Valley United Way facilitates applications, SVUW does not take individual applications. To apply for this program, contact one of our partner agencies, including:

Community Action - (701) 839-7221 - https://capminotregion.org/

Minot Area Homeless Coalition - (701) 852-6300 - http://minotareahomelesscoalition.com/

Independence, Inc. - (701) 839-4724 - https://www.independencecil.org/



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