Women United

MINOT, ND – Souris Valley United Way announces a new affinity group, Women United.
Women United is a group of passionate women who offer their time, talent and financial resources to improve lives throughout the Souris Valley United Way service area. We exist to mobilize the power of women to advance the common good in the Minot area.
The Women's Leadership Council (WLC) combines the financial power and collective talents of philanthropic women to address needs in the community.  
This volunteer-driven group is an organization of its own design. It creates its own initiatives.  It sets its own goals.  It seeks its own answers and implements its own strategies.    
Dusty Zimmerman, President of Women United, stated “As we grow, we will seek out projects that will enhance our community and make a difference in the lives of all who call this place home.”
As their first initiative, Women United is donating $10,000 to facilitate an upcoming project, “United We Pack.”  This event will supply the community with 50,000 meals which will be donated to the local food pantries and shelters.   
Executive Director Patricia Smith expressed her gratitude, “We are so grateful to Women United.  This donation provides nutritious meals for children, families, and seniors in our community.”
For more information or become involved with Women United – contact Souris Valley United Way at 839-2994.
Women United Mission Statement:  
Mobilize the power of women to advance the Common Good in the Minot Area. 
Women United is raising a collective voice and strengthening the network of 60,000 women leading community change across the globe to achieve greater impact.
United We Pack:  200 volunteers on 08/26/15 will package 50,000 meals of macaroni with red sauce. Meals will be donated to the local food pantries and shelters.  More information will follow later.
Souris Valley United Mission Statement:  We mobilize people, organizations and resources in an impactful effort to advance Education, Financial Stability and Health while addressing basic human needs.
News Release
Press Conference at 3:00pm
For more information contact:
Patricia Smith, Souris Valley United Way
1941 Fourth Street SW (new address)
701.839.2994  svuw@srt.com