Employee Campaign Manager

Become an Employee Campaign Manager!

Our workplace campaigns are incredibly important to the success of our mission to impact community needs. Our ambassadors for the United Way in the workplace are our Employee Campaign Managers (ECM's). They organize "fun" draisers and help inform employees on how they can help make an impact in our community through their donations to Souris Valley United Way.

Quick Facts

  • ECM's can be anyone at the workplace – anyone who is enthusiastic and willing to lead and make a difference in our community though their workplace.
  • Any company or organization can set up their own United Way campaign with our help and designate an Employee Campaign Manager.
  • The ECM doesn't have to do it alone – they can recruit others in their workplace to assist them.
  • We’re always there to help! The Outreach Specialist, Christy Miller, at United Way is always available to support the ECM's with information and ideas that will help create a successful and fun campaign at each workplace.

Want to Learn More?

Want to learn more about the ECM opportunities or how you can be part of it? Contact our Outreach Specialist, Christy Miller, at christy@svunitedway.com