Little Black Dress Campaign

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                                               4th Annual Little Black Dress Campaign


What is the Little Black Dress Campaign?

The 4th Annual Little Black Dress Campaign was held Monday, February 25th - Monday, March 1st. 

During the week of February 25th,  Women United members and friends will lead a fundraising awareness campaign of area women who will each wear a black dress or outfit for five days. Our goal is raising funds and awareness for young women in our community to find a voice for their self-esteem and stand up to social pressures. Proceeds will be distributed to BIOGirls, a local organization based on young girls and their values, talents, philanthropy, and individuality. Additional funds will be set aside for Women United initiatives. 

***Fundraising pages will open soon. Grab a group of friends to participate with or raise funds solo like many of our women. If you are interested in participating please email- and you will receive a reminder email once sign up opens.***


Participant Toolkit:
LBD logo- PNG.   LBD Participant Sign- PDF.

Women United

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